Laugh Hard - Hang Tough
Lend a Hand



xxxxThere's an old saying; "A smile can add a great deal to one's face value", and I'll certainly agree to that..!x Bet you that we've both noticed how there are not enough folks around us who are smile'n on a regular basis.xDoes all the "bad news" that comes down the road all day, every day, all the time take it's toll on all of us?

xxxxMr. Giesel (aka Dr. Suess) had a saying for when the situation he was in was turning sour... for he would exclaim: "We can do better than this!" Well.. our coming dot-com mega-website at Wowabunga is a "cyber rest station" intended to lift one-another up and away from the toils and rabble of everyday life. Page after page of great content devoted solely to the topic of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation ...somebody pass me a cold icetea!

xxxxDoes the public need an archives of good news... I think so. Looking around and seeing reflected in the eyes of both young and old a look that is low on Hope... I'll devote and find the time/space/resources to bring this archives forth. Please feel inclined, encouraged or best said "invited" to contribute in making this one heck of a good website to visit regularly.

Icetea anyone?

Randy L. Baker,
Head CowHand , Wowabunga Entertainment Company